a balanced man - a sacred men's circle

What Does a Men's Circle Have to Offer?

A safe space for men to come work together - support each other - work on trauma, societal conditionings, self sabotaging thoughts, limited beliefs - grow and evolve - obtain and embody a balanced way of being - and uncover and step into one's authentic self.

Welcome to A Balanced Man - a sacred men's circle

It’s my intention to create a comfortable, open, accepting, and safe environment – where men work together to achieve individual and collective goals. We have created a sacred space – flowing with Divine energy – making Self Place an ideal place for inner exploration, togetherness, self discovery and development, and to be seen, heard, and understood.

 A balanced man shows up whole and in one’s full authentic self – ever conscious and present in all moments.

Fitz-Gerald Cushnie sacred space creator | men’s circle facilitator

What does it mean to be a balanced man?

Before you read further - i want to invite you to pause for a moment - take three (3) deep belly breathes - and ask yourself the question "what does it mean to me to be a balanced man?" - and then be without any other thought and see what comes to you.

A balanced man is a state of being – an embodiment of the full Divine expression of self without the need to be concerned whether energies are feminine or masculine – just one, a whole. a balanced man is one who stands in energy of truth, love, gratitude, well-being, abundance, clarity, and forgiveness. a balanced man chooses to explore his connection with all living things – and in such, lives in such a way that is consciously harmonious and fair.

 In order to obtain such a balance within and out – requires a constant unwavering commitment and focus on exploring one’s self…with the aim to heal and gain mastery over one’s self – hence, how one shows up in the world for self and others. such an inward journey starts with an honest acknowledgment of where one is in life, followed by the declaration of one’s own life manifesto, then an identification – through uncovering – of energies that may act (consciously or subconsciously) as hinderance towards achieving one’s manifesto.

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