About us

at S.E.L.F. Place we are inspired by the lack of needed focus on individuals in this world -today- as we know it. and not just a focus on people – as a group – but down to the individual level – to the self. as we look out into the world we see many individuals struggling majority of the time – and there is the realization – the knowing – that most of these sufferings are brought on by one’s self.

how are these brought on one individuals unto themselves? the systems that are in place to protect and help all – have been under the control of self-serving others – and many struggle to navigate daily – physically, mentally, and emotionally – through the limitations and illusions that these systems now represents.

additionally, the conditionings that form the “i am” that most think that they are – are merely thoughts …so now we travel through life struggling against the conditionings, the systems that is not fair to all, and the relationships and interactions between the conditioned self and the mass way of what is true, allowed, and acceptable (the system). but do not get it confused – we have all played a role in allowing things to be the way they are – especially in reference to the loosely used term, the system (society – social, political, and economical systems).

journey with us – let us change the world by focusing on self…

…the journey is inwards.

Welcome to SELF Place

SELF Place’s main and first set of principles are authenticity and acceptance of all. This is a safe and sacred environment, where we will work together to help you do the necessary work to find peace within and around.

S.E.L.F. Place provides a safe space for all, who seek, to realize their true nature and their limitless potential.  SELF creates an online and physical space where all are welcome – regardless of how one may identify – it is not about religion, dogma, or creed – but instead a loving environment that celebrates difference and uniqueness…


“we understand that there is no better or worse -just different experiences and embodiments of the same one divine love and grace.”



…come journey with us.

S.E.L.F. Self-discovery through Ego-loss, Love, and Forgiveness

self place

what we can help you address?

while we are with you throughout each step your journey - ultimately, the decisions and healings will come from within one's self.