Sacred Women’s Circle


Join us – as we come together – finding sanctuary in sisterhood. The Self Place Sacred Women’s Circle provides a safe space where you can fully express all that you are – and be met with love, joy, understanding, peace, fairness, and compassion.

Come prepared to relax, let go of constraining and restricting expectations, and release limiting or negative concepts and beliefs – even if just for the evening…come be at peace!


What to expect during a sacred women’s circle?

  • Acceptance – you feeling and knowing that you are appreciated and respected just as you are. This safe and sacred space – welcomes, encourages, and supports your full feminine expression,
  • Be seen – experience what it feels like to truly be seen. You are surrounded by sisters, all beautiful soul – all an expression of Divine Source; quickly into the gathering , you will realize you are not alone with the things you may be going through – you are understood,
  • Feel held energetically and supported – as you share and express yourself – experience feeling understood and support. This is a sacred gathering of women; women who are accepting their divine essence – all supporting each other and holding the integrity of the space for everyone to feel seen and heard,
  • Be heard – the space is held in integrity where anyone wanting to be heard – will be allowed to share, and receive the loving reception and attention from the group,
  • Laughter – come prepared to “let your hair down,” kick off your shoe, and be in full expression of your whole being,
  • Mentorship and guidance – come prepared to hear different perspectives and be open to exploring new perspectives, and also be that guide or mentor for someone else – through your willingness to share your stories of present day trials and approaches taken to overcome past trials.

During the Sacred Women’s Circle we will talk about all things feminine and beyond; each month the agenda may differ slightly and a topic or theme of focus is present. Everyone’s voice is of equal importance – and respected. The venue itself is consecrated space – a sanctuary for souls to find refuge and divine guidance – where truth is told, vulnerability and openness are key components to one’s healing, secrets are shared, wisdom imparted, recipes exchanged, parenting advice discussed, and many other topics of focus.


What to bring:

  • Dress comfortably
  • Bring any special blanket, pillows, etc. that aids in your comfort
  • Bring your crystals
  • Bring a plant-based/vegan snack for all to share
  • Bring your oracles
  • Bring and open mind and heart




Jen is a yogini and yoga teacher, writer, copy writer, and social media marketer. She dedicates her life to her yoga practice, her family, and holding space for others’ healing.  

– Jennifer Ganon

An Acupuncture Physician licensed by state of Florida with over 17 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medine (TCM) or Oriental Medicine. After years working with patients with chronic illnesses such diabetes and hypertension, she began to see the role trauma played in the development of illness beyond the typical TCM root causes.

– Valencie ‘Vie’

“Women finding sanctuary in sisterhood.”

– Self Place, fgc

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