Why an Alliance Program

why? as part of a not for profit program where we offer support to individuals as they seek to bring in spiritual growth and change in their life. some times the seeking or unveiling of one’s true self – one’s authentic and unique self – may bring about radical and swift changes to one’s entire life. A career or financial shift may be experienced during one’s transformation – and this oftentimes is a major source of distraction from the focus on self. with the self place family of practitioners- we are able to support individuals shifting into or already on the path of being a holistic well-being practitioner.

Be More Present to Clients
Provides an opportunity for practitioners to focus on what they do best, holding space for the healing of others
Support New Healers Start-up
The Self Place Alliance Program provides a new holistic healers and practitioners support on their journey to start-up their own practice
Increase in Earnings
Holistic practitioners and healers are provided with opportunity to earn more. Helping practitioners being able to be of service to others full-time.

Self Place Family of Practitioners

Here are the details of the Self Palce Alliance Program
  • a family of holistic practitioners
  • free to join after receiving invitation from self place
  • access to use space at self place for attending to clients booked through self place, if space is available. this is discussed during time of booking.
  • free access to self place’s guided meditation sessions
  • 20% discount on select workshops and events
  • added to our list of preferred retreat practitioners
  • membership to self place’s practitioners circle, a sacred healing and support circle for healers
  • 35% of all booked services to self place. percentage may increase after 6months
  • first three (3) months no family fee.
  • a monthly family fee of $180. this fee goes towards advertising and administrative operations. fee is subject to change.

Register to Be Apart of This Conscious Alliance

Send us a message indicating your interest - and we will start the conversation with you to see if the Self Place Alliance Program is in alignment with your vision of your life for you.