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Fitz-Gerald Cushnie

Meet Our Self Mastery Guide

Fitz-Gerald has been dedicating his life to his inner exploration – in order to obtain wisdom, guidance, and healing from the Almighty – his Source for all things. Employing a daily practice of meditation and various forms of yoga – including kriya yoga and his own intuitively-led self guided yoga practice, coupled with actively practicing mindfulness and self awareness – Fitz-Gerald lives by what he shares with others – self mastery.


come in and meet Fitz-Gerald, you will immediately see why he is a living embodiment of Love. He is Love.

Professional Life:

Creator of safe sacred spaces; Source channel; and resident medicine man.

Love 100%
Truth 100%
Calm 95%
Holder of Sacred Wisdom 95%

“be that, which you want your reality to be”

Fitz-Gerald Cushnie