Sacred Women’s Circle – Red Tent

What is a Red Tent?

Where women learn the sacred arts of healing, channeling, dream analysis and mystical
feminine gifts such as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear sensing), clairsentience
(clear sensing), clairaudience (clear hearing) and intuition (inner guidance), which are amplified
during our moontime (menstruation) By honoring these innate tendencies girls can further
protect themselves by heeding their sixth sense and learning to read the signs. For the benefit
of self- empowerment and the healing of self and others.

Tent historically in Indigenous cultures

It was a sanctuary that secrets were shared, wisdom imparted often through the oral tradition
of folklore and myth, recipes exchanged and parenting advice discussed. It was in this safe
environment that young girls learned about the responsibility of sexuality, through the teaching
of the love arts and through access to many mentors, they would come to understand the
importance of their role as women in society.

Why is Red Tent held during the New Moon?

New moon is the time when most women experience their ‘moontime’ or ‘heavenly water’ as it
is known in Traditional Chinese medicine. So, this custom offered a time out to working women
and mothers, enabling them to turn inwards, rest and replenish when their lunar tide was out
each month and their force at its lowest ebb.

Another reason for this time-honored practice was that during one’s moontime and generally
at new moon, women are at their most physically open. When they were considered to be,
‘closest to God’ as it’s the most inward time of the cycle. Making it an ideal time to meditate on
behalf of themselves, each other and for the greater good- channeling intuitive insights and
guidance. The time to ask “who am I”?

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