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Ego Transformation to Reach Your Dreams and Get Rid of Addictions and Mental Health Issues!

What is Ego?

Ego is your false “self-identity”, all your “social faces” you put up when you need to be someone, it is what you perceive to be you based on the filters that your mind created in response to external events and experiences acquired. It also consist of all your habits, positive and negative. Ego is shaped by external forces mostly, like your family, society, culture, peers, trauma and by your own internal filters in response to the external stimuli. Ego is self-made phenomena created on the bases of the unique environment, upbringing, experiences, traumatic events and internal filters.


Ego is not who you truly are, it is who you want to be perceived externally aka avatar you have built up throughout your life. Your true self is the one behind the ego you have created with the help of external stimuli. Ego is mostly external with some internal elements that we allow to get through with the help of our thoughts. 90% of our daily thoughts are about past traumas, past mistakes, past experiences. Your mind plays this tape again and again fueled by your own ego. Only way to get rid of these thoughts is through ego death or transformation.


Ego is necessary part of being human; it is the wall between consciousness and sub-consciousness; its serves it purpose by translating external events to the sub-consciousness in the way it considers fit. The stronger the unhealthy ego the stronger the wall, the harder to get through to transform your thoughts, behaviors and to get to the true self. When ego is flexible, healthy and controlled it serves you, when unhealthy, inflexible and uncontrolled it destroys you. Healthy ego is needed to give us motivation and power to move forward to achieve our goals. We need ego to survive, get around with others, reproduce and it helps us in our human evolution process in general.


Ego can be healthy or unhealthy depending on how it serves us. For example, addiction is the response of an unhealthy ego and motivation is the response of a healthy ego.


If the person experienced a traumatic event in the past, the ego develops response by becoming stuck in the event and will start looking for the ways to deal with the trauma of an event by numbing it with food, drugs or alcohol. It can also block the event from conscious memory to protect self, however, if the trauma has not been dealt correctly it may hide in sub-consciousness and cause a lot of mental health issues. Both of this situations require ego death or transformation to become healthy and positive to start working for the individual and not against.


After the an ego death a person will be in the new state of being, reborn to the updated avatar and one will be able to build a new healthy ego that will support their goals the way individual would want. The person may still remember the traumatic event but it would not be causing any emotional disturbances or uncomfortable feelings and thoughts associated with the event.

Transformation of an ego is a very gradual conscious process. One will be able to evaluate the existent ego step by step and by acknowledging all the behaviors associated with it one will be able to transform it to the ways it suits that individual’s goals. Basically bringing info about one from sub-consciousness to consciousness.

What are the ways to achieve ego death or ego transformation?

Ego Death on DMT:


One way is to go through Ego death is to wipe state clean and reboot brain neuron network system. It can be done accidentally or planned. Ego death can happened involuntarily when a person experiences NDE (near death experience) during which the brain network involuntarily being induced with the potent molecule coming from the pineal gland called – serotonergic N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). It can also happened with the intentional use of DMT containing substance(s) . DMT is released by pineal gland into the brain during the natural birth, death or by taking natural DMT substance. With the intentional use of certain psychedelics one is able to achieve DMT inducement and experience an ego death safely without the true death of the body. DMT causes ego death/rebirth and wipes unhealthy ego patterns out. There could be a side-effect to this experience, the ego death can trigger certain mental problems to resurface and a feeling of being lost but only in the begging it may be a bit confusing until the person incorporates the new healthy avatar with new ego traits. The one who decide to undergo this process may lose their sense of identity for a short time. One can feel at lost and can easily get back to the old self by slipping into an old ego patterns. However, all side effects are temporary and with the help of professional you can rebuild your ego quickly and start a new life with the healthy, controlled and flexible ego. It is the fastest known process to get rid of negative ego presence and rebuild a new one.


In my opinion it is absolutely necessary to work with the professional that fully understands this processes and can guide you through the process of the ego death/rebirth. After you lose the ego it is imperative to build a healthy one, so you do not feel as lost and slip into the old patterns. It is very beneficial to work with someone who can help you to rebuild the healthy ego and new patterns based on your goals.

Ego Death or Transformation with Hypnotherapy:


The other option to work on your ego transformation is to lose your sense of an unhealthy identity and build a brand new healthy identity through the hypnotherapy or deep meditation techniques. However, it takes time and may not work if the person have serious childhood traumas that sub-consciousness blocks from the consciousness.


There are four main brain states:

Beta – awake, normal alert consciousness

Alpha – relaxed, calm, meditative state

Theta – deeper relaxation, deeper meditation pre-sleep state

Delta – asleep, dreamless state.


Hypnotherapy can be a tremendous help with an ego death and/or transformation in the Theta and/or Delta states. The reason the therapy needs to be done in the mentioned states is because our consciousness is active when our brain is active and the ego is present at all times interfering with the transformation. Once we are in altered state of consciousness in a more relaxed states we are able to reach the sub-consciousness where the ego death and transformation becomes possible. It is known that we only use our active conscious mind which is about 10% – 12% on average while the rest of 90% lays in our sub-conscious mind that we are not aware of.

Hypnotherapy with a good trained therapist have been proven to be very successful in achieving an ego death or transformation. A good hypnotherapist will be able to help you reach the required state by locating trouble parts of an unhealthy ego and transform them into new healthy states.

Self-Work through Meditation:


Another way to transform the ego is with intended meditative practices, where a person on their own can practice “no thought” and observation technique on a daily basis. This can be achieved by self-practice or with a help of a guide, guru, mentor or therapist that specializes in it. This method takes some time to master but once you become the disciplined observer you will start observing your thoughts and identifying an ego as a separate entity. That will allow you to self-evaluate your ego and transform it to serve you, so you stop being at service to it. Once you are in the observer mode you will be able to see yourself from aside, you will be able to control your thoughts, behaviors and will be able to identify your ego as separate entity from the true you. You will become disciplined master of your healthy, controlled and flexible mind!


If the traumas are heavy you might not be able to reach this state on your own or worst you can become confused and develop multiple personality disorder. In this situation is best to work with therapist that specializes in ego transformation.


Ego death or transformation is not an easy process but absolutely necessary to free your mind of an old ego that does not server you. By transforming your ego you are freeing your mind, you gaining control over it, you make it more flexible and adoptable. That allows you to decide what thoughts or behaviors you want to keep and which you don’t. You become the master of your mind, you become free of ego interference, you change your life, and you reach your goals!

Luba Olmstead

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