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SELF healing powers and what to do

SELF is the key to heal body, mind, energy issues.


Most people felt physical pain, been sick and felt emotionally unwell prior or during those occurrences. It’s a proven fact that our emotional well-being directly connected to our physical body and vise versa.


In Western world people tend to rely on doctors and medications. Each time the person is faced with any health challenges he runs to get a pill to quick fix an issue.


Most of the time medication will work for awhile and the person may feel good but it may not cure the issue. Also, most medications are dangerous band aids that can cause multiple side effects and can be highly addictive. Once person takes medication he gives up his own  power to self heal. He trusts external methods more than himself and skips the most important component of cure – SELF!


Alignment of ones own body, mind, energy should be number one responsibility to be able to function at best. By making the external factors like doctors or medication responsible for your own healing you undermine your true inner self healing super powers. It’s a scientifically proven fact that people can self heal on their own without any doctors or medication. Unfortunately it’s not a popular method due to the luck of proper knowledge and heavy pressure by financially motivated biopharma on Western medical field. Self Healing is real and only way to deal with any body, mind, energy issue in non-invasive manner.


Science has proven that all our physical issues except of some external nature like accidents, poison exposure, some cancer forms and alike arise in our subconscious mind. Which is directly powered by our own energy. So the most logical way to target the internal issues is to go completely in to understand and heal it. Once you faced with health issue the best approach is not to run for the opinion of others but to go in and work in your subconscious first so you can find out what caused this issue in the first place. Then trust your consciousness to guide you to complete SELF healing.
What does it takes to heal SELF?
  1. Faith that you can do it.
  2. SELF discipline to go in.
  3. Time to figure out the cause.
  4. Complete Trust in SELF.
  5. Celebration of each SELF alignment.
What tools you can use?
  1. Self or guided meditation to be able to get into subconscious to search for issues and find answers.
  2. Self or guided hypnosis in Theta state to faster access your subconscious.
  3. Healthy diet, natural supplements to help your body nourish and cleanse itself of toxins.
  4. Exercise like yoga that allows you to get your blood going, sweat to detox and to not think while relaxing your mind in the meditative state.
  5. Spiritual practice that can help you to gain faith and complete trust in yourself and/or higher powers.
Quick SELF healing Meditation:
  1. Sit comfortably on the chair with both feet touching floor or sit in yogi pose on the meditation mat/pillow.
  2. Close your eyes and try to observe your thoughts while concentrating on your breathing.
  3. Breath with your stomach mostly, take full breaths as needed.
  4. Once your breath is comfortable imagine you are observing yourself from the distance as a doctor.
  5. Ask your meditating self what is bothering you, why you have pain, sickness, disease.
  6. Observe your answers. If any answer involves others or external stimuli acknowledge that it’s your ego that possibly got hurt, let go of the situation, forgive yourself and others and keep asking more questions until you find only internal answers.
  7. Once you know the internal issue ask what you need to do to resolve it.
  8. Imagine you are SELF doctor and prescribe  yourself consciousness SELF treatments including sending loving energy towards yourself.
  9. Once issue is resolved congratulate yourself in your ability to SELF heal.

The more you utilize this practice the more you will uncover your inner super powers the more you will become completely balanced and aligned in all aspects of your consciousness SELF.

If you need more help please visit SELF Place online or in person. Our experienced SELF masters and mentors will be happy to safely and successfully guide you to your complete aligned SELF.


Luba Olmstead

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